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We admitted my father-in-law a few months ago with some trepidation. It was an adjustment to have to do this and have a facilty care for him instead of family. After the initial adjustment and meeting Sam Ma who has given him a lot of attention making his stay as comfortable as can be expected and keeping tabs on him to ensure he has what he needs plus keeping us informed on his everyday status and special events has been a blessing . RN’s Jane and Joanna take good care of him with his meds and kind words as well as the supportive CNA’s like Eden and Humberto keeping him comfortable and well attended. The decision to admit him here has proved to be the correct one.

Keith K.

5-star, Yelp Review

My father entered as a resident in November of 2023 and initially had a difficult time transitioning. It was equally difficult for us, his daughters, as we were entrusting our dad into the hands of basically strangers. The nurses, CNAs, and staff have been so kind and patient with all of us and helped us navigate through the complicated process and always made us feel assured that he was in good hands. Sam Ma was especially kind and considerate to my father and would check in on him daily whether it be her checking on the quality of the meals, bringing him tea, or a quick hello to let him know that she was around for him. She made herself available to me and my sisters as a channel to voice our concerns and to make requests in the beginning when my dad was trying to find his voice. After a month, he found his voice and felt comfortable with the kind and caring healthcare team. The staff of nurses and CNAs have been exceptional! Umberto, Jane, and the many other team members are always ready to assist my dad with his daily care needs with a smile and ‘are you okay, Papa?’ check-ins. If they see us standing next to the bed during a visit, they immediately bring us chairs to make our visit comfortable. The last couple of weeks have been very special as Sam and team coordinated a Lunar New Year event and a Candlelight dinner that even included a violinist for the residents and their families! Seeing my father safe, comfortable, and content is a blessing. In summary, the nurses, CNAs, and staff at Anaheim Healthcare Center have been a lifeline for our family during a challenging time. Sam’s compassionate care and advocacy has made a significant difference in my father’s journey. We are forever grateful for her presence and the entire team’s dedication.

Shirley Q.

5-star, Yelp Review

I would like to share my experience at the center, so far, all the help I got has been fantastic! Everyone is so kind and helpful, especially Ms. Barrera, the administrator, and the cna, Lorena.

I been here for 3 weeks, and the care I received has been great! The nurses and staff are very kind and caring. I would like to acknowledge Ms. Barrera for all her help with all my needs, she is the go to person! Lorena, my can is so kind and helpful.

Nancy G.

5-star, Google Review

I had a visit with Sam yesterday and was amazed with her customer service. She was very polite, helpful and understanding. I would recommend my friends and family and will be back to visit her again. Thank you!!

Thu Ha N.

5-star, Yelp Review

We have had a Great experience so far. We are grateful for being able meet Zuyin Barrera She is a very helpful and goes out of her way to help us in anything we need for my mother. She explains in full detail with patience and of any updates to my parents.

She really needs to be recognized for her hard work.

I would also like to say that Carmen Pantoja

Is a wonderful CNA that has been very loving caring with my mom’s needs. She also needs to be recognized for all that she does.

Maria C.

5-star, Google Review

My Mom has been in Anaheim Healthcare Center for more than two months. During this time, Tiffany Tran and Samantha Ma are so friendly and professional in the facility to care for mom and family when we need them.

Tiffany always promptly responds to my messages whenever I have any concerns and resolves any issues my mother may have and help us quickly.

Samantha often checked in with me to make sure my Mom and family are comfortable with the facility. She is very sweet, patient and knowledgeable, she helps patients with her heart.

Thank you very much! Both of you are professional and very thorough.

All care givers, nurses and physical therapists here are very responsible, so kind to us and help my mother with best care. Thank you so much. We appreciate all of your help .

The facility is always so clean and smells fresh.

Jennifer L.

5-star, Google Review

The day my relative was admitted to the Anaheim Nursing Facility, Tiffani Tran was the person responsible for the admission. She was on time, and was very pleasant when she met me. She was the Director of Business Development. She spent time walking me through all the details about the admission, the stay, medicine checks, and other important activities for the patient. She was very patient, pleasant, and eager to help and make sure the family was comfortable with the facility. At the end, she left her cell phone for any emergency contacts as well as for any requests. She promptly returned all messages to make sure she can resolve any issues the family might have.

I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone who is in need of placing any of their relatives in a nursing facility.

Hung T.

5-star, Google Review

When I first met Samantha Ma in the Anaheim facility, she was very courteous and welcoming. Once we started talking about my relative in the facility, she was very patient-focused and goes the extra mile to accomodate and making sure both the patients and their family are comfortable. She frequently checked in with me to see if there is anything she can do to make things easier. She was always polite and outgoing when interacting with patients and families. I would highly recommend Samantha to anyone seeking placements and support in a nursing home facility.

Harrison R.

5-star, Google Review

My daughter has received very efficient and friendly care. She said, Lulu is great all the patients ask for her. Loreni is very helpful, she helps with everything and if she can’t she will find someone that can. Kevin always goes above and beyond. Always making sure food is warm or goes to the kitchen to get what’s needed.

Mary Lou R.

5-star, Google Review

I came to this facility close to three months ago.. starting I had my ups and downs however I’m grateful for the attention provided by my CNAs and charge nurses. I would really like to thank Zuyin in resident relations who has always been attentive to my needs and consider her a good friend. I would definitely recommend this facility to my family and friends. Happy Holidays!!

Martha C.

5-star, Google Review

The staff there is very attentive. They make sure to check your vital signs and provide your meds on time.

Luis E.

4-star, Google Review

Anahiem healthcare center has brought peace of mind to our family when our dad got transferred. We really appreciate that they have a multicultural section, knowing my dad can communicate with someone who is vietnamese is a big help, it’s been such a pleasure meeting and getting to know Samantha Ma.
She checks up on our dad and updates us on his progress, and makes us feel comfortable knowing she is there for us if anything arises or we have any questions. We appreciate this place and can walk away knowing our loved one is being well cared for.

Kat N.

5-star, Yelp Review

My mom, Martha, lives here now. Her transition healing after her fall at home was rough. The nurses, caregivers, and doctors have been wonderful. My mom is happy and well cared for. They respect and listen to the residents. When, if ever, we raise a concern they investigate it and fix it right away. My family is very satisfied with this facility. I recommend this home. The outside of the building is not much to look at, but the inside is clean caring, professional, with lots of heart. They even have an activity department and they are awesome. I could talk about this forever but it’s all good.

Brian H.

5-star, Google Review

This place really helped me out. When I came here I couldn’t walk, talk, eat, etc from a stroke and now I can do all of that. I appreciate everything that my CNA Maria Lopez did for me. Thank you to my CNA Kevin. Emily my LVM as well as my head nurses and social service. Thank you for the support staff and the meals aren’t bad.

Michael A.

5-star, Google Review

This place really helped me out. When I came here I couldn’t walk, talk, eat, etc from a stroke and now I can do all of that. I appreciate everything that my CNA Maria Lopez did for me. Thank you to my CNA Kevin. Emily my LVM as well as my head nurses and social service. Thank you for the support staff and the meals aren’t bad.

Nick P.

5-star, Yelp Review

Found myself having to go back to facility due to another fall. I am glad to be able to come back to Anaheim Healthcare where I’ve been before and had a good experience. I would like to give a big “Thank you” Maria Lopez my CNA who has been very helpful to me. She shows that she’s very caring and compassionate towards me and other patients. I would also like to thank Z in resident relations who is extremely helpful. Thank you to all the staff that has help me along my recovery journey. God Bless!

Michele E.

5-star, Yelp Review

The healthcare professional have done a terrific job caring for my mother throughout the past 18 months but especially during Covid. Although my mother tested positive, she continued to receive the best care from the frontline healthcare workers at Anaheim Healthcare. Mom’s AM and PM charge nurses: Kimberly and Angelica have continued to provide the best health and personal care plan for her. Luckily, mom remained asymptomatic and is doing well as we speak. I would definitely recommend Anaheim Healthcare for your loved ones – you would be happy you did!

Nancy L.

Yelp Review

They are very professional and caring. Everything is done so all departments, the nurses and the medical director are constantly kept aware of my progress. Most of all, the teamwork between staff is maintained. And they all care about me as an individual.

I bring this up because I have been to other rehabilitation facilities where the opposite is true. Sadly, one place refused to let me go despite my family member’s efforts at first. They preferred to drag every penny out of my body in that bed. The money was all that mattered. The management didn’t give a rip that they were cheating me and the government.

Finding Anaheim Healthcare Center has been a breath of fresh air. What a difference! So I have to express my gratitude any way I can. Now if I need rehabilitation, I have let my doctor know not to send me anywhere else. I’m getting the best treatment possible right here.

Lori G.

Google Review

My grandmother is on her second stay here. She was first admitted to Anaheim healthcare September 2019 and was there for 3 months. During her stay therapist Dana and Caleb worked wonders on her. She went from being completely bed bound to walking on her own with a walker. She went home and unfortunately had a fall during Covid which meant she needed to come back for more rehab. My family and I were worried but the director of nursing Elena made us feel very comfortable by explaining all the new measures they have put in place to keep residents safe. We love that she gives us regular updates and cares for our grandmother as if it was her own. Tracy, Omar and Vadea are 3 nurses who my grandmother is always talking about she loves how they always greet her in the morning and check on her through out the day. It’s comforting to hear that there are numerous staff members here that my grandmother talks about, especially during these times where there is limited visitation. Thank you Anaheim Healthcare center!

David K.

Yelp Review

Thank you very much for all you have done for my grandmother. Everyone is station 4 has played a huge part in keeping my grandmother happy and secured till the very end. They showed the highest form of professionalism and sympathy. They treated us like family and we are forever greatfull. Thank you again station 4 for all you have done.

Hazel D.

Google Review

Anaheim Healthcare Center has done a great job caring for our loved one Shirley. The staff is very attentive to not only her needs but to our families needs as well. The nurses have been doing a great job keeping us informed on her condition. Shirley loves that her CNA’s take the time to do her hair as it makes her feel pretty. Would highly recommend Anaheim healthcare if looking for skilled nursing care.

Jim M.

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